Admissions Office

Office of Admissions and Admissions Board

The Office of Admissions is responsible for receiving and processing applications for admission into the University College and into specific programmes of study.The Admissions Board is responsible for admission of candidates into the University College and programmes of study.

The Admissions Board consists of Vice-President Academic Affairs, Vice-President Student Affairs, the Registrar, Asst. Registrar Admissions & Recruitment, and relevant Heads of Department. The Admissions Board is chaired by the Vice-President Student Affairs.

The Admissions Board shall receive a list of all candidates who satisfy the conditions for admission as outlined in the regulations. For each candidate, the Board will decide whether or not to admit. Candidates who do not meet admission requirements will be admitted in the Pre-University programme. All Nations University College reserves the right to refuse admission to any academic programme.

Each student with an aggregate greater than 15 must attend an intensive Foundational Course.


All Nations University Offers the following Programmes:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Oil and Gas )
  • Electronics & Communications Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical )
  • Bachelor ofComputer Science (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer )
  • Biblical Studies with Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Human resource management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance
  • Bsc General Nursing (Joint Top up Programme with KNUST)


Diploma Programmes:

  • Diploma in Biblical Studies with Business Administration

This website is the best source of information about ANUC’s undergraduate admissions. But we realize that once in a while you’ll need a bit more help. In which case, don't hesitate to reach out in one of these ways:



The Admissions Office

All Nations University College

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Admissions office.

All Nations University College

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City Campus, opposite the Kumasi main station


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