Infrastructure and Developement

All Nations University continues to develop its infrastructure in an effort to maintain standards and achieve the desired quality in teaching and learning. This year we have been able to provide on-campus accommodation to relieve students from living in places that do not support learning. This 420 capacity hostel is fully furnished. Three 320Kv synchronized gensets have been installed to provide power to the hostel at all times. Booster pumps installed onto boreholes, pumping water into the hostel and to eight 1000 litre capacity polytanks serving as reservoirs ensure continuous water supply to the hostel.


 We also have built an ultra modern cafeteria to serve the University community at the Main Campus.

Infrastructure Development As part of ANUC continuing development projects, plans are underway for expansion at both campuses:

City Campus:

The City Campus building will be expanded on the East Wing. This expansion will divide the size of the library and create four (4) large classrooms and offices for Controller of Exams and Deans. This expansion will begin a year from now!

Main Campus:

The first modern hostel for the University has been completed and is ready for occupancy! The Ultra-modern Cafeteria has just been completed. It will begin to serve the University Community from January 2015. The official classroom complex will also be ready by the end of the Semester in December. The building will be in use in January. The first phase of the Stadium Complex shall be completed by the end of November. This entails making ready the football pitch to be used by students for games. The Second Phase will begin next year September.


The new Administrative office complex fully air-conditioned is ready for use!



The Agricultural Science department currently has a farm that is a home to 98 goats, 73 sheep, 59 pigs, 25 albino mice for biomedical practical works, 18 rabbits and grass cutters. In progress is the construction of a poultry farm that will house 5000 birds. Clearing of 100 acres in ongoing to allow healthy natural vegetation to grow to serve as feed for the animals. Also in progress is the planting of oranges…


In an effort to ensure that the University community especially faculty and students do not lag behind in research, the University heavily invested thousands of dollars in developing new IT infrastructure to support internet services and engaged the services of Main One as the internet service provider.  This facility enabled the library to subscribe to various electronic databases in an effort to update and increase its stock e-resources. The library has an online access to the following bibliographic databases: SCOPUS, ECONLIT, LEXISNEXIS



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