Department of Accounting

The holistic approach to accounting education by the Department of Accounting makes its graduates well conversant with not just technicalities of accounting but also with wider behavioral implications in evolving socio-economic contexts. The department's curriculum is designed for students who want to prepare for a career in public, corporate, or governmental accounting or who want to embark on a management career with a strong accounting emphasis.

The following are the new heights we have reached as a department for the last year:

  • Aligned our course content with ICAG and ACCA
  • introduced training programs like SAP and Oil and Gas Accounting that takes students directly from the classroom to the job market.
  • All Classes are taught using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • All Accounting students will qualify for automatic exemptions up to level 2.

Career Opportunities

The Accounting curriculum covers all the traditional educational experience areas necessary for entry into the accounting profession:

  • Financial Accounting – Study of accounting issues as they relate to published financial statements.
  • Managerial Accounting – Study of the techniques for decision-making using accounting information.
  • Taxes and Assurance Services – Many of our accounting graduates embark on careers in the field of Public Accounting, specializing in either taxes or assurance services which allows them to obtain the experience necessary to qualify as a CPA after completion of the CPA examination.

Why Study Accounting?

In business and society, accountants make the difference. They are responsible for preparing and reviewing the financial information that is relied upon by investors, lenders, businesses and other organizations throughout the world. Accountants also provide expert advice on taxes, financial planning, information systems and a wealth of other business matters.

A degree in accounting provides students with a highly valuable, versatile, and in-demand skill set and demonstrates fluency in the language of business. The accounting field offers a wide array of job options from auditing, tax and cost accounting to managerial accounting. There are also flexible career options, such as public accounting, government agencies or corporations, in addition to entrepreneurship.