Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing provides students with a sound understanding of effective marketing management. Core courses help students integrate the components of a marketing mix to solve marketing problems, while Elective courses enable students to obtain greater depth in functional areas of marketing such as promotion, selling, and channel management.

Marketing means creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers. With a marketing background, you’ll help organizations discover unmet customer needs and wants, develop products and services to satisfy those needs, and use advertising, promotions, pricing, distribution, personal selling, and customer relationship management to build strong brands that attract and retain customers. A marketing education from the Marketing Department at All Nations University gives you a competitive advantage in one of the largest areas of employment in business today.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with an undergraduate major in Marketing typically enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. Most take up first positions in sales or as assistants in marketing departments and general management. Others may be employed in marketing research or advertising.

Marketing is an essential function of business as it drives revenue by increasing awareness and/or sales, whether housed inside the company or in an agency setting. There are a variety of job opportunities in both these settings, including:

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Sales Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Account Manager

Why earn your Marketing Degree at All Nations University College?

Business case studies provide students with real life scenarios of business decisions happening in every class.

Small class sizes foster close and healthy student-professor relationships.

Faculty typically have doctorates or significant industrial experience. Lectures and labs are taught by professors and assisted by graduate students.

The diverse and broad-based education includes a strong design emphasis and practical experience.

Every student works on a team to complete a two-semester capstone design project.

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on undergraduate research projects.

Why Study Marketing

Marketing is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. It offers many great career opportunities in areas such as public relations, product and brand management, and export and international marketing. Here are a few more excellent reasons to study Marketing:

  • Marketing can advance your career
  • MMarketing affects everything. Whenever consumers choose one product over another, marketing is involved. Studying Marketing can ‘give you the edge’ in any career – no matter where you are headed!
  • Marketing is influential
  • Marketing career options are many and diverse. It influences just about every industry and organisation you can think of, including professions such as accounting, law, medicine, engineering and the sciences. As a major or a minor, Marketing can help to fulfil your career goals.
  • Marketing is multi-faceted
  • Which area suits you best? Marketing includes a number of activities, including:
  • Research, Strategic planning, Product development and management, Pricing, Distribution, Consumer behaviour and advertising and promotions.
  • Marketing is about people
  • Marketing is people-oriented. Our graduates are well equipped to work in a huge variety of roles in organisations, large and small. Find employment in the private, public or not-for-profit sector. Work for others, with others – or on your own!