To make it work, you shouldn’t do all 10 at the same time. At the same time, don’t see them as something you have to commit to for a lifetime. Test these habits and routines out for a specified period of time, stick to them if they work for you.

1. Focus on street level motivation

Instead of focusing on dreams and visions high in the cloud, find out what makes you feel good and what motivates you at the moment in your everyday life.

2. Lower your expectations.

Doing what is right with zero or low expectation. You’re winning every day by having no expectation. Focus on getting the right thing done for long-term benefits instead of getting results immediately.

3. Turn off all notifications.

Go to your notification setting and switch off all the notification, especially for emails and social media apps. Trust me, most of the notifications are not that important. If it’s important, schedule a specific period of time to check on them.

4. Read every day, however little.

Read one chapter, one page, one paragraph, or even just one sentence every day. For you who said you want to build a habit of reading, that’s how to do it.

5. Stop multitasking.

Multitasking is less productive than you think. At the same time, it trains you to get distracted all the time. Focus on one thing at a time before moving to the next.

6. Pay for shortcuts.

If you want to learn, do, or master something, find someone who has been there and then picks his or her brain about it even if it means paying the price. The time you save and the pitfalls you avoid will be far more valuable in return.

7. Seek constructive struggles.

Think about everything you want to improve or get better and try making it harder. Intentionally making things difficult doesn’t only harness your skills, it pushes your boundaries and trains your resilience. Those are critical skills you will need when things get tough.

8. Fast for one to two days every week.

Intermittent fasting is proven to help you lose weight, enhance cognitive performance, and improve longevity. At the same time, it also makes the days simpler because you don’t need to think about what to eat all the time.

9. Take cold showers.

Cold showers come with many benefits such as increased alertness, reduced stress, and speted up muscle recovery. This slightly unpleasant exposure is also highly effective in helping to maintain our mental state at its peak level throughout the day.

10. Keep a budget.

The first step of mastering your money is by knowing your current financial health. A great way to know that is to keep a budget: record how much you make, save, and spend. Be honest with yourself and be consistent in keeping the record.

I’d suggest you bookmark this post and come back to read it from time to time.

Here’s to a successful plan!