We’d like to share an exciting update with you. WE’RE GOING GREEN! Starting with October 1st 2018, we will use fillable PDF’s for applications and forms instead of paper.

This will help us not only cut down our usage of paper but also with better handling and management of your precious requests. It will also allow you to have access to the forms anywhere in the world, with no limitation. You’ll no longer need to ask a friend to ask a friend to ask a friend to pick a form from our offices and send it to you…you can now do all that by yourself…from the comfort of your couch.


Since all documents will be online, you will require a digital ID to sign all forms, but not to worry, we’ve got that covered too. Head over here to read our simple article on how to create your own digital ID which you can use on any PDF document you create or edit. This is the best (safest, most secure) way to certify that your signature is authentic on any document online.

Oh and, we also made it easier to check your class time table. We uploaded it to OneDrive so you can always have it close by whenever you need it…No more pictures, no more walking to the Notice Boards, no more inconveniences…it’s in your pocket!

We’ve uploaded all the forms you may come across and we’re adding new ones too. We hope you’re excited to be part of our initiative to cut down on paper usage and save the planet! All resources aka forms, time table and many more will find their home on our website, on the Student Resources page.

If we missed something, please let us know so we can correct it. You can also congratulate and share how much you love us! 
Don’t forget to share this with as many friends as possible so they too can enjoy this.
Have a wonderful semester ahead!